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Why sponsor?

Individuals and businesses choose to sponsor equestrians for many reasons, but no discipline can compete with the sheer athleticism, bravery and heart of Event horses and their riders. A desire to be associated with this growing participant and spectator sport, and an appreciation of the incredible feats these horses and riders accomplish, prompts businesses and individuals to make sponsorship investments.

Sponsorship arrangements vary and include everything from partial or full ownership of a horse, to funding for specific competitions, to monetary donations of any amount in support of the competition horses. Businesses donating goods or services, or making cash donations to the Go Big Eventing, are rewarded with excellent exposure for their business or product through association with one of the highest-profile Eventers competing today.

What are the sponsor benefits?

Depending on your level of sponsorship, Go Big Eventing can offer:


Free course walks.
Discounted clinics, private lessons or training for your horse.
Behind-the-scenes access and hospitality at events, competition updates, news and photos.


Erin’s participation in advertisements, promotional events, and course walks.
Product endorsement and publicity-saddle pads, banners, trailer logo and web site link.
Exposure to a highly affluent, upscale audience involved in a growing sport.
Partnership with an extremely motivated, attractive, intelligent and personable athlete.
Economical and effective per impression value for your marketing dollars.

What are some examples of sponsor costs and benefits?

GO BIG sponsorship and cost might include the following:


Half ownership of Advanced horse
Maintenance of Advanced horse for one year
Logo on saddle pad
Logo on trailer
Appearance at event(s) & clinics
Product endorsement (print & web)